Since 1996, Eksun Gıda has been operating in the industry, manufacturing goods in 3 factories, 2 in Tekirdağ and 1 in Konya. Operating on open and closed areas totaling approximately 96 thousand square meters, Eksun Gıda is the leading flour producer in Turkey with an annual wheat grinding ca-pacity of 600,000 tonnes, an organized distribution network and a wheat storage capacity of approxi-mately 52,000 tonnes.

In the industrial flour segment, Eksun Gıda continues manufacturing under the Sinangil brand with Bread Flour, Multipurpose, Sliced Bread and Luxury Flour for Pide Atbazar, the most preferred brand of Ramadan Pide makers. In addition, Multipurpose, Wholegrain, Wafer Flour, Biscuit Flour and Cake Flour are also produced in Eksun facilities. Eksun Gıda responds quickly to the needs of its customers, including with Silobas shipments.

Eksun Gıda, which generates a significant portion of its revenue from export sales, is also a leading company in the industry in this area, exporting over 30 countries. Eksun Gıda's main export markets include the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.