Production and Quality Policy

As a leading company in the industry with our manufacturing background, high technology use, our experienced and qualified workforce, our production and quality policy seeks to deliver the products demanded by our customers with high quality, in a sustainable manner and in full compliance with food safety.

As a result of our production and quality policy, our organization holds ISO 9001, ISO 22000 Quality Management Systems and Halal Assurance System certificates and adopts a policy of maintaining the requirements of these certificates.

One of our top priorities is to ensure the safety of nature and of our employees throughout our acti-vities.

One of our main policies is to increase the values we adopt by investing in technology and in our em-ployees, thereby produce new values for our country's economy.

It is our policy not only to check our products during manufacturing in our factories, but also to cre-ate a thorough food safety system by continuing to check our products when they enter the market, as well as to ensure high customer satisfaction with our after-sales technical support.

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